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Scott Smith at Shaktify provides an energetic solution to life’s various issues.  Through simple processes you can affect change in almost every facet of your life.  Effects can be realized in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being.  Shaktify is a holistic approach to change, to growth, and to the realization of a deep inner peace.

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Life Situations
Business Insights

Life Pattern Reprogramming™

Spiritual Growth
Energetic Integration
Purification and Clearings

“I love working with Scott in one-to-one sessions. I am a therapist and healer who is always seeking new skills and more elegant ways to help myself and my clients heal and live more connected with Source and our Higher Self.  Scott distills many spiritual and energy practices into very user-friendly effective tools for daily living and healing.  I love being able to ask him questions, have him guide me in direct experiences, and give me feedback as I do the practices in the session.  He’s like a spiritual energy personal trainer!  I find I can more quickly get a sense of when I’m effectively doing the energy work or if I need some tweaking!  Am I really in the Core of Being?!  So, I highly recommend having Scott be your guide and healing tutor!” 

                                              Dr. WMc  Tampa, FL


“Scott describes himself as a Light Worker and Mystic.  That is certainly correct, but when I describe him to friends I say, ‘He is a spiritual Santa Claus.  You tell him what you want.  He reaches back into his bag and out comes what you have asked for.’  Then what do you do? You ask yourself, ‘Could it be that easy?  Could it even be possible?’  If you come to that point, you must draw your own conclusion and then make your own choice.  My own experience is that Scott knows me better than I know myself.  Each encounter with him exceeds my expectations and usually carries me where I have not been before, and since I have been engaged in spiritual work for the last 65 years, that is definitely saying something. What Scott Smith has to offer is not only more than you may expect, it is true.”

                                                                                   John Mann
Author,  Rudi: 14 Years With My Teacher, and other titles

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